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an episode of State of the Re:Union
May 25
“Baby brother or sister, will you look like me?”
Apr 18
How do you describe your Race on the U.S. Census?
Mar 30
Genealogy workshop with Wilhelmena Kelly
A previously unreleased interview from 1961-67 (via WNYC)
CBBG awarded Department of Youth & Community Development grant
Mar 16
8-session literature and writing workshop focusing on stories that reflect experiences of race and identity
Readers share thoughts on being mixed race in Britain via The Guardian
A documentary-in-progress about the rise of multiracial people
Sady Sullivan reports back from Baltimore
Rita Kamani-Renedo reports back from Chicago
Talk about how biracial identity influences their comedy (via Bullseye with Jesse Thorn)
Nov 3
CBBG will present at the 2nd Biennial Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference - FREE and open to the public
“Princess Sofia is a mixed-heritage princess in a fairy-tale world." via NBCLatino
Photographs from a great event!
Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade
on getting questions about racial background via Jezebel.com
2010 US Census shows the population identifying as multiple-race grew faster than single-race population
Detailed social, economic, demographic, and housing data from the U.S. Census Bureau
a 19th c. data visualization via HandsomeAtlas.com & Brooklyn Brainery