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From race to income to religion and more - via WNYC
Being Mixed in Today's America via Diverse Issues in Higher Education
via The New York Times
The New York Times' review of Brooklyn Historical Society's new exhibition
Photographic portraits of mixed families by Yael Ben-Zion
CBBG co-director, Sady Sullivan, introduces the CBBG website in Spring 2012
Historian Renee Romano writes about the importance of the CBBG oral history collections
Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations was profiled in The American Scholar in Autumn 2011.
Shifting the Lens on Race - via NYTimes.com LENS
How my looks hide my identity via Salon.com
A discussion about mixed heritage
Washington Post political opinion writer's remarks on NYC Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio's family
A Tumblr for mixed people of color challenging the monoracial lens
A new book by Kathleen López
Marriage equality achieved, now the challenge is finding support for interfaith ceremonies (via The New York Times)
Stephanie Georgopulos on her mixed experience, via Medium
Report back from Between the Door and the Street
Nov 13
Join Lucia Trimbur to discuss her new book and Gleason's Gym, New York's oldest boxing institution.
Join others interested in discussing family history, DNA, and the myth of purity.
Nov 16
Part 1 in our reading series: Quantifying Bloodlines