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#CMRS2012 in Chicago

Event Date:

Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 3:15pm

We are very pleased to be participating in the 2nd Biennial Critical Mixed Race Studies conference hosted at DePaul University in Chicago, Nov 1-4.

Check out this article in The Chicago Tribune (10/29/2012) about the conference organizer's goals to "get people to stop thinking about race as immutable and fixed." 

You can see the full conference schedule here and follow news via Twitter #CMRS2012.

Members of the CBBG project team will be presenting a workshop this Saturday at 3:15-4:45pm (rescheduled from Friday due to Hurricane Sandy): 

Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations: Exploring Historically Situated Oral Histories of Mixed-Heritage in Brooklyn


Jen Chau, Brooklyn Historical Society & Swirl
Rita Kamani-Renedo, Brooklyn Historical Society
Renee Romano, Oberlin College
Sady Sullivan, Brooklyn Historical Society 


Flight cancellations due to Hurricane Sandy prevented Jen Chau and Sady Sullivan from attending the conference. They will try to Skype in for this workshop.


Photo via Chicago Tribune: DePaul University professors Camilla Fojas, left, and Laura Kina will host a four-day conference starting Thursday that will explore critical mixed-race studies. (Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune / October 26, 2012)