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Portraying NYC and Beijing-based families that include children with mixed races, ethnicities, and cultures.
Aug 18
Part 3 of Mixed Mondays film series is the first U.S preview of Toasted Marshmallows' documentary about mixed-race women in North America
Aug 4
Part 1 of our summer Mixed Monday film series is a 1959 Lana Turner classic - Imitation of Life
in Ulster, Northern Ireland via BBC World Service
Jun 14
11th annual celebration in New York!
Intermarriage is playing a big role in changing some of our views of ethnicity - via Pew Research
Kids aren't colorblind! via Slate.com
Recommendations from GrowingUpBlackxican.com
Photographic portraits of mixed families by Yael Ben-Zion
A discussion about mixed heritage
Stephanie Georgopulos on her mixed experience, via Medium
Report back from Between the Door and the Street
Join others interested in discussing family history, DNA, and the myth of purity.
Nov 16
Part 1 in our reading series: Quantifying Bloodlines
Oct 19
A public performance about gender politics, labor, and women's rights in Brooklyn; initiated by Suzanne Lacy with Creative Time and Brooklyn Museum
Dec 7
Part 2 on our readings series Quantifying Bloodlines
And other comments a mother of multiracial children hears often
An open letter via Huffington Post
Check out the celebration
And the news that it ignited racist responses