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Studying Demographics via The US Census Bureau's blog
Oct 4
Let’s talk about race, ethnicity, and identity. Panelists will start the conversation and we hope you’ll join in.
Oct 17
Visual artists, historians, and community activists discuss Puerto Rican communities in 1970s New York.
In this episode of the award-winning radio program Radiolab, they take a look at race.
Nicholas A. Jones, Chief of the Racial Statistics Branch of the US Census and Cynthia Gordy, The Root ~ via C-SPAN
Aug 26
Presented by The Audre Lorde Project's SAFE OUTside the System, an anti-violence program
via New York Magazine. An essay by John McWhorter
CBBG awarded $25,000 grant
She is the second African American woman to swim for the US Olympic team and she comes from a mixed-heritage family
via Ancestry.com: Research Connects First African-American President to First African Slave in the American Colonies
A great 4 minute video documenting a great day! You can spot CBBG at 2:43
In this podcast from The Moth, author June Cross tells how her mother made her keep her heritage a secret because she was mixed-race.
Podcast about the changing history of marriage in the United States
Princeton professor and CBBG advisor Imani Perry reviews the book Help Me to Find My People
Jun 9
Celebrate Loving v. Virginia ~ Free ~ Multicultural ~ Family Friendly ~ Waterfront
via The New York Times: "But when I fell in love with Daniel, my whiteness no longer told the whole story."
Filmmaker Nancy Buirski talks about the making of The Loving Story and what inspired her.
On April 4, 2012, BHS hosted a poetry showcase featuring Nichole Acosta, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Adrienne Lyric, and Tara Betts. Organized by Nichole Acosta, poets from Bridging the Gap used their voices, words, history, and music to discuss mixed heritage, racial identity, and gender issues.
via Rookie: young women growing up biracial