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Since the Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations project wrapped in 2014, it has earned two prestigious accolades. In 2015, CBBG was the recipient of the 2015 Oral History Association Elizabeth B. Mason Project Award, which recognizes outstanding oral history projects in the field.
I'm pleased to announce that the Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations (CBBG) oral history collection is now open for research!
Photos & updates from Loving Day flagship celebration - 2014
Portraying NYC and Beijing-based families that include children with mixed races, ethnicities, and cultures.
Historian Allyson Hobbs at TEDxStanford
a radio documentary by Siobhan McHugh
in Ulster, Northern Ireland via BBC World Service
A talk by Maureen Walker, PhD, via Wellesley Centers for Women
Photographer Myra Greene examines whiteness (via PBS)
Check in each weekday for a new profile by Heidi Durrow
A traveling exhibit and lecture series about hair, beauty shop culture, race, and identity, by Candacy Taylor
How activists, bureaucrats, and media constructed a new American
via jamietheignorantamerican.tumblr.com
Intermarriage is playing a big role in changing some of our views of ethnicity - via Pew Research
Is modern race-photography celebrating the dismantling of race or...?
Will increased racial mixing finally and permanently redefine how we imagine our racial identities?
Personal essay about the history of mixed African and European ancestry
Kids aren't colorblind! via Slate.com