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Photos & updates from Loving Day flagship celebration - 2014
Aug 4
Part 1 of our summer Mixed Monday film series is a 1959 Lana Turner classic - Imitation of Life
Overlapping diasporas, Jewish fatherhood, Civil Rights murders, & more...
Jun 14
11th annual celebration in New York!
A talk by Maureen Walker, PhD, via Wellesley Centers for Women
How activists, bureaucrats, and media constructed a new American
Jun 12
How does our belief in race affect our most intimate relationships?
via Brooklyn Historical Society
From Octavia Butler to Harry Potter to new visionary fiction
Photos and report back from Muslim And...? event
Mar 25
The Loving Story screening with CUNY Law Professor, Victor Goode, and co-producer Patricia Romeu
A discussion about mixed heritage
Marriage equality achieved, now the challenge is finding support for interfaith ceremonies (via The New York Times)
Report back from Between the Door and the Street
Photos from Loving Day 2013 in New York City
Brooklyn Historical Society's Photo of the Week
The history of racial and ethnic categories
Apr 18
How do you describe your Race on the U.S. Census?
Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade