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Charis Emily Shafer


Charis Emily Shafer holds a B.A. in art history from New York University and a M.A. in film and literature from the University of Essex in England and is currently perusing a M.A. in the Oral History Master’s Program at Columbia University. Charis is also an associate producer on the television series Trabank Trek which aired in May of 2011 on the Travel Channel International and was an assistant on the documentary Resident Aliens that was screened in New York at the Asian American International Film Festival in August, 2011. 

My Contributions

Oral History - Natalie Chassler Oral History - Sebastien Fargeat and Vanessa Snowden
Oral History - June Kaplan Oral History - Fiona Gardner and Uche Nduka
Oral History - Shameeka Mattis