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Abigail Ettelman


Abigail Ettelman is a Master's Candidate in the Public Humanities program at Brown University, which is a part of the American Studies department. The interdisciplinary field of public humanities emphasizes public engagement in humanities work, including archives and museums. Abigail's primary academic work uses oral histories to discuss the ways that community memory is maintained (or not maintained), especially in the context of difficult or traumatic experiences. Her work on the Mashapaug Pond Oral History Project, the Guantanamo Public Memory Project, and the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center Archive have furthered her interest in oral history work and the way it can create a space for conversations about difficult subjects. Her BA in Anthropology and work at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, British Columbia sparked this interest in using public spaces to create valuable social dialogues.

My Contributions

Oral History - Lyn Hill Oral History - Monica Elias and Roy Walter
Oral History - Paul and Yurika Golin