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What Being White Looks Like

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May 9, 2014


In My White Friends, a book and photo exhibition at Duke University, photographer Myra Greene explores portraying whiteness and whether "photography can capture and describe the nuances of whiteness."

Previously, Greene explored her own blackness in the exhibition Character Recognition (2004 - 2007).  In an interview with PBS Art Beat, Greene says:

“'My friend really honestly said to me ‘they’re really beautiful, but I just don’t feel comfortable thinking about blackness...’ That remark propelled Greene to ask 'Well, don’t you think about whiteness?' The resounding 'no' flabbergasted the artist. 'Race is such an important measure of visuality and photography to me and how I see photographs.' So Greene embarked on a project to see if she could 'portray whiteness.'"

Read more about Myra Greene's 10-year exploration into photography's description of race here.