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Confronting Claims of Post-Racialism

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May 9, 2014


Listen to this one-hour talk by Maureen Walker, Ph.D.: It's Not about Checking a Box: Confronting the Claims of Post-Racialism given at Wellesley Centers for Women 5/1/2014.

"One of the more insidious myths of post-racialism is that conversations about race and racism have no legitimacy in the cultural narrative of 21st century. Such a claim obscures the complex relational dynamics of modern racialized culture and functions to functions to constrict out awareness, thus limiting our capacity to think, feel and act with clarity and purpose. In this seminar Maureen Walker, Ph.D. highlighted some of the competencies required to re-cast the terms of the conversation, allowing participants to leave the program more empowered to engage the complexities of racialized experience with greater clarity and compassion."

Download audio and presentation slides here.