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Michael J. Rosenfeld

Scholarly and Community Advisor

Michael J. Rosenfeld is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, and a social demographer who studies race, ethnicity, immigration, and family structure. His current research agenda focuses on alternative family forms of racial intermarriage and same sex cohabitation in the U.S., and on the reasons for rising incidence of these alternative family forms. He is the author of the book The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions and the Changing American Family published by Harvard University press in 2007. Rosenfeld is also the principal investigator of a national longitudinal study (funded by the National Science Foundation) on how American couples meet, and when these couples divorce or break up. Rosenfeld is an award winning teacher, a former free-lance journalist, a father, a husband, and an amateur photographer.

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