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Coming Out as Biracial

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October 24, 2013


Check out this great personal essay "Coming Out as Biracial" by Stephanie Georgopulos, who works for Gawker and shared this via Medium.com.  Medium allows comments along the text of the piece so it's a newly engaging way to read.

 "I don’t know the black experience, and I don’t know the white one either. All I know is my own biracial experience, which looks like this: it’s strangers addressing you in Greek instead of English because your name is Greek and what else would you be? (I know two words of Greek.) It’s telling a new acquaintance you’re biracial, then furnishing a photo of your family when she insists that you’re lying. You have to do this, though, show her a picture — because you might be the one person who can change her mind about what blackness looks like. It’s census reports that won’t acknowledge you, and a white friend screaming the n-word through his open window because someone cut him off in traffic. It’s that same friend turning around to say, “Oh. Sorry,” as though the problem is that you’re in the car, not his own racist inclination toward someone he’s never met."

Read the full piece here and connect with Stephanie Georgopulos here @omgstephlol