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Mixed Mondays Film Series - Toasted Marshmallows
Part 3 of Mixed Mondays film series is the first U.S preview of Toasted Marshmallows' documentary about mixed-race women in North America
Mixed Mondays Film Series - Imitation of Life
Part 1 of our summer Mixed Monday film series is a 1959 Lana Turner classic - Imitation of Life
Celebrate Loving Day 2014!
11th annual celebration in New York!
Making Hispanics
How activists, bureaucrats, and media constructed a new American
Zines from the Borderlands: Storytelling about Mixed-Heritage
Come talk about race, gender, sexuality and media with four zinesters, activists and media-makers.
PHOTOS: Science Fiction & Multiraciality event
From Octavia Butler to Harry Potter to new visionary fiction
PHOTOS: 3rd Annual What Are You?
A discussion about mixed heritage
"The tormented half-breed in film..."

INTERVIEWER JEN CHAU:            I want to talk a little bit about your thoughts about mixed-heritage identity now [2012]. 

Muslim And...? Portraits of American Muslims
Join us for a panel presentation and discussion about the long and diverse history of Islam in America.
3rd Annual: What Are You? - A Discussion about Mixed Heritage
Let's talk about race, ethnicity, and identity as it relates to art, filmmaking, and media. Join us for a panel discussion and interactive conversation!
"We Are Not Travyon Martin" Tumblr Examines White Privilege
New Tumblr explores the politics of solidarity.
Mixed Race Britain
Readers share thoughts on being mixed race in Britain via The Guardian
Reflections on Critical Mixed Race Studies conference
Rita Kamani-Renedo reports back from Chicago