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Decentering Authority: CBBG - A Collaborative Oral History Project
Inspired by feminist methodology and participatory action research, CBBG is designed to be responsive to the concentric conversations happening among narrators, interviewers, archivists, and the public programming audience, as well as resonating scholarship, activism, and media. Sady Sullivan shares the strengths and challenges of CBBG's experimental project design and the pleasures of hosting forums where people practice talking about race/ethnicity (and intersecting identities) together.
Ericka Basile
Oral History

"...So for someone in Tennessee to just say, “Oh, you’re black,” you know, I am. But to me -- living there, when someone says that, it’s almost like -- not a dismissive thing, but it’s like they’re not doing the extra work to understand what other things comprise you."

Navigating Mixed Families
From race to income to religion and more - via WNYC
Interfaith LGBTQ Couples
Marriage equality achieved, now the challenge is finding support for interfaith ceremonies (via The New York Times)
NYC Loving Day 2013
10th annual celebration!
Reflections on Critical Mixed Race Studies conference
Rita Kamani-Renedo reports back from Chicago
Congratulations Bronze-Medal Winner and Brooklynite Lia Neal!
She is the second African American woman to swim for the US Olympic team and she comes from a mixed-heritage family
Connection between storytelling and identity?
Discussion Topic

At the Identity & Oral History workshop at the Brooklyn Museum (grounded in the Question Bridge: Black Males exhibit), participants discussed important turning points in our lives and practiced deep listening skills, which inspired reflections on the role of storytelling and listening in our own liv

Teresa Ish
Oral History

 "Most people would not even guess that I was half Chinese.  It’s really nice for traveling.  If I keep my mouth shut, I can kind of fake it almost anywhere.  But, you know, obviously once I speak everyone knows I’m American."