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Tag: Gender

Zines from the Borderlands: Storytelling about Mixed-Heritage
Come talk about race, gender, sexuality and media with four zinesters, activists and media-makers.
Suzanne Lacy's Stoop Talk: Gender, Labor, and Gentrification
Report back from Between the Door and the Street
Between the Door and the Street
A public performance about gender politics, labor, and women's rights in Brooklyn; initiated by Suzanne Lacy with Creative Time and Brooklyn Museum
"The tormented half-breed in film..."

INTERVIEWER JEN CHAU:            I want to talk a little bit about your thoughts about mixed-heritage identity now [2012]. 

Science Fiction and Multiraciality: From Octavia Butler to Harry Potter
Join us for an interactive presentation and dialogue about mixed-race identity and the role of science fiction in creating racial justice.