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Itamar Goldstein

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Itamar Goldstein was born in Jerusalem, Israel and raised in a nearby village. He was heavily exposed to the religious traditions of his mother's Yemenite Jewish family throughout his childhood and visited the United States regularly with his father, an American Jew. He served in the Israeli army as a young adult and then moved to Brooklyn, New York to attend medical school at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in New York City.

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"Yiddish is German and Hebrew, and Yemenites have Hebrew and Arabic, and there’s the Sephardis have Ladino, which is Spanish and Hebrew. They’re all beautiful -- Yiddish is funny, but most of them are beautiful languages, they’re very poetic."

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Identifier: 2011.019.004
Date: December 9, 2011
Duration: 01:58:00
Citation: Oral history interview with Itamar Goldstein, 2011, 011.019.004; Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations Oral History Collection, 2011.019; Brooklyn Historical Society.
Language: English
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